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About the Product

WILLER® Electromechanical protectionelement
Electro-mechanical plug-in ceramical cylinder housing – plugged into fitting of two PV modules or at any given point on the string cables.
No changes in wiring are necessary
No reduction in system performance
Fast disconnection via a pre-stressed spring, so that no electric arc occurs
In case of fire automatic separation by heat
Mechanical separation possible by breaking the ceramic cylinder
Simple to install and can be deployed in other applications as an ‘off-switch’
Weatherproof materials
Retrofitting in existing infrastructures possible
Any components destroyed by emergency services can easily be replaced.
After examination by qualified personnel, any undamaged components can be reconnected mit neuen SE
Protection class II (contact protection) is upheld, Low unit costs

A lot of tiny streams can at some stage collate to become a torrential river. People can jump over small streams but attempting to cross the Rhine, for example, can be deadly. This is the same with photovoltaic systems. One module on its own cannot produce enough voltage to be dangerous, several modules connected in series in which the voltage is added up, however, can be hazardous. The development of ever more powerful modules with a performance of anything up to 1000 volts during the day on the DC side of an installation is usually not a problem, as the cables are insulated and are laid with corresponding protective measures. There is a however a big exception and that is in case of fire.

For every home owner in a house with a photovoltaic installation this is the ultimate nightmare scenario. In case of a fire, emergency fire services will not attempt to extinguish the fire, as photovoltaic cables are exposed which make this too risky. Different technologies are appearing on the market which promise voltage shut-off for solar powered systems. Several products are already available. However, their installation is neither compulsory, nor is there any agreement on which concept is the most effective. We at TOPinno have the solution:

At TOPinno we are especially proud to have developed a unique, patented product which we designed specifically as a safety device for deployment in photovoltaic systems. We have been offering this electronic safety device under our patent no. PCT/DE2011/075178 since 2010. It immediately disconnects the power supply in case of fire or overheating, and by doing so limits the damage caused by increased voltage. Due to the enormous effect of our safety device in case of voltage surge we have further developed it for use in vehicles.


‘Switch-off‘ with our intelligent modules!



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