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About the product:

- Works according to the principle of ionization
- Low energy consumption

- Light weight and simple to install
- Removes moisture from walls
- Prevents weathering

- Prevents deposits and chalking
- Reduces humidity
- Avoids moisture damage to electronic and mechanical appliances
- Eliminates harmful bacteria
- Eliminates costly and time-consuming excavation
- Can be used in any type of walls (stone, concrete, cement, etc.)
- One-time purchase with a lasting effect!

Damp walls affect our living space and our lives. Mould, unpleasant room climates, and irritating smells can be the consequence. This can all become a thing of the past. TOPinno’s GODRYBOX is simple to install, easy to handle, and boasts very low power consumption. What’s more: the effect is fast and clearly noticeable! It can be used in any type of building or room, in the commercial as well as the private area, where exhibits or furnishings in the whole building have to be protected. The GODRYBOX has a very small footprint and consumes a minimum of power consumption (max. 5 watts). By using small, harmless electrical impulses, water molecules in the wall are charged with positive ions. The GODRYBOX only switches into action when needed, so that it saves energy. The technology has been tried and tested extensively. The GODRYBOX consists of a control housing from which the electrical impulses flow and from which circuits run along the walls. Any water which is extracted from the walls is conducted into the ground.

Benefits for home owners
With the GODRYBOX , you can make the best use of your basement and cellar rooms. The GODRYBOX eliminates the unpleasant effects of damp cellar walls in a most unobtrusive way and with very little effort. The GODRYBOX reliably protects furniture and technical equipment from the consequences of damp.

Benefits for estate agents

Create a pleasant atmosphere in your For Sale properties and prevent damage and moulding of the interior décor and any fixtures. In vacant buildings, which are not heated for a longer period of time, GODRYBOX can be used to regulate the dampness! This is a simple and effective way to avoid any damage in vacant buildings!

Benefits for public buildings

Protect your buildings, furniture and your employees from the consequences of damp walls, cold and damp ambient room and the unpleasant smells which they can cause. Protect your valuable furnishings and objects.

The GODRYBOX eliminates and prevents moisture damage in walls and appliances in a simple but permanent way!

(Please note: The GODRYBOX solely eliminates moisture which penetrates walls from outside or from beneath. Damage which has occurred due to moisture within rooms i.e. due to breaks in heating or ventilation, should not only and not permanently be treated just by using the GODRYBOX. Further measures have to be carried out in addition to the use of the GODRYBOX.)


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